Collection of 1961 Ford Trucks (F100, F150, F250)

Hello my friends. Here is our nice little collection of 1961 Ford trucks. I found each of these Ford trucks for sale on various sites around the internet. By the time you read this, they will be gone. In fact, most of them are gone already. But they are great representations of what is available.

Ford trucks may be built tough but after 40 or 50 years even these vehicles start to break down. You will see that most of the vehicles listed here aren’t in perfect condition, but they still run. Some of them might even make great restoration projects. I swear that one of these days I will learn how to do more than change the oil but a full restoration will never be a pleasure I will experience. (Single tear.)

The first photo above is a 1961 Ford uni-body. I think this is the only one on our list that might not run. The owner listed it for $1000 so pull out your haggling skills and knock that sucker down to $500.


This 1961 Ford F-100 is also a uni-body and it officially still runs. Looks pretty damn good too. It’s motor is a 292 with about 59,000 miles on it and the owner sold it for $1600. This would be a great truck to start a restoration on. All of the essential parts are still intact, it just needs some tender loving care to really take it to the next level.

This 1961 Ford F-150 has been nicely restored. Naturally a heftier price comes with a classic restoration. The owner wanted at least $10,000, maybe much more but it never sold so I don’t have the exact number.

The above 1961 Ford F-250 is a great old work truck. It’s had three owners throughout it’s life and was recently sold by it’s long term 71 year old owner. $2000 is the estimated cost. The old Y-Block V8 engine still runs and has 118,000 miles on it. This would be a fun truck to drive around a farm. At least that’s my vision. That way when it finally does break down it will already be in field waiting to overgrown by grass. That’s how every old truck deserves to die.


Last up is a 1961 Ford One Ton flat bed. I don’t know much about this old fellow. I hope it found a good home where it will be taken care of by a retired mechanic that wants to relive his early years.