1950 Chevy Truck for Sale

My favorite part about this 1950 Chevy truck is that it’s listing on Craigslist states that they can only assume it has 114,000 miles on it because the odometer doesn’t go up that high.  Nowadays it’s rare for a truck not to make it past 100,000 miles and many of them go well past 200,000.  But I guess 60 years of technology should help trucks last longer than they did in the 50s.  So lets take a closer look at this 1950 Chevy 3100.

1950 Chevy 3100

1950 Chevy 3100

One of the first things I noticed about the 1950 Chevy pickup  design is the classic step-side.  These trucks were meant for farm work and the step-side helped farmers get things in and out of the bed quickly and easily.  It also helps that it makes the truck look really cool.  The bright yellow is not a color I would choose on a new truck but it really works on this one.  I’m not sure the visor is original.  It looks the part but it’s not something I see all of the time so who knows.  The grill is a little difficult to see here but it’s iconic with big waves and lots of chrome.  The single round headlight on each side of the truck are an immediate giveaway as to the decade this truck was built.

1950 Chevy Engine

1950 Chevy Engine

There are two things I think of when I look at this engine.  The first is wow, automobiles were a lot less complicated 60 years ago.  The second is that this thing is going to need constant work to keep it going.  The good news is that 1950 Chevy truck parts are fairly abundant considering how old it is.  This is mostly due to the popularity of these trucks with collectors.  When there is a decent demand for something, there are usually people out there meeting that demand.  Classic truck magazines are a good place to start looking for parts.  Along with listings for original parts, there are occasionally replica parts available.

This Chevy truck for sale is listed for $5500.  It runs and appears to be in pretty good condition so $5500 isn’t too bad of a price.  Many people spend more than that restoring a truck to this condition on their own.  Of course, part of the fun for many people is the restoration process.  Naturally every year that goes by there are less 1950 Chevy trucks available.  So if you’ve been considering purchasing one, get off the couch and get to it!

4 thoughts on “1950 Chevy Truck for Sale

  1. Lobny D. Aleman

    Hi, Iam a Soldier thats currently deployed to Afghanistan and have ben long serching for a Classic Chevy Truck. I really like your truck and i see that your asking for $5500 and I would love to see if we could talk and see if we could come to an agreement. I would highly appreciate it if you could get back to me as soon as possible and that we may come to a great agreament were both of us come out winning.

    Thank You,
    Lobny D. Aleman

  2. Samuel Bauerkemper

    I am seriously interested in this truck, is it still for sale? where is this truck located?

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