1953 Chevy Truck for Sale

The 1953 Chevy truck had a few small design changes over the previous year. One of the most notable was the side mount spare tire. This was optional and not standard with every 53 Chevy truck but it really sets it apart from earlier models. Also, the rear bumper, which had been removed from the 52 made a comeback on the 1953 Chevy trucks. I’m sure this delighted anyone that had been rear ended at some point. One of the biggest upgrades this truck received was the availability of the V8 engine. The V6 was still an option but Chevy was making a real shift to the more powerful engines.

1953 Chevy Truck

1953 Chevy Truck

The Chevy truck for sale in this picture was listed on ebay for $14,800.  It’s been customized into a hot rod by chopping and lowering it.  And truth be told, it looks really good.  The visual impact of the side mounted spare tire can really be seen in this pick.  1953 Chevy truck parts are available but it’s not like they are stocked in your local AutoZone so it might be nice purchasing a truck that has been fully restored.  It clearly looks like a fun truck to drive and will definitely turn heads when cruising through the neighborhood.

1953 Chevy Truck Bed

1953 Chevy Truck Bed

Perhaps the coolest feature of the 1953 Chevy pickup is it’s wood panel bed.  These types of beds were common on trucks of the era but in our current era they really stand out.  It’s a shame that most people that see one of these trucks will never get to see the bed of the truck.  If the bed of my truck looked this nice I would be afraid of hauling anything in it.  I would just hop back there once a week to polish it and stare at my reflection in the wood.  Naturally the chrome between the panels ads a bit of pop that probably wasn’t there when the truck originally rolled off the line.  But imagine for a moment that the bed did look this nice when it was originally made.  Now imagine that many of these trucks were used on farms and it’s likely that some farmer, possibly in Kansas or Nebraska, covered this wonderful wood panel with manure and then scratched it all up when they shoveled it out.  It nearly brings a tear to my eye.

Ebay is a great place to find classic trucks.  The fully restored ones are typically selling for a premium and great deals are usually short lived after people start bidding them up.  But if you are in the market for a 1953 Chevy truck it’s a great first place to look.

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