1956 Chevy Truck for Sale

The 1956 Chevy truck was first full year of production for Chevy’s task force line of pickups. Considering these models first appeared halfway through 1955 there wasn’t much, if any change over the previous model year. However, a couple of larger trucks like the 3600 and the 3800 were introduced in 1956. It’s always fun to see how much autos originally cost and a basic 56 Chevy truck originally sold for $1500 to $3000. Which coincidentally enough is how much you can buy a rough for one nowadays. Of course the original costs of these trucks always sounds cheap until you consider that median income of men in 1956 was $3600. Women only made around $1500. Keep that in mind the next time someone says, “I remember when a can of soda was a nickel!” So what, you only got paid a nickel an hour!

1956 Chevy Truck

1956 Chevy Truck

The 1956 Chevy truck for sale featured in this picture was listed on Craigslist for $7500.  It’s a rat rod, meaning that unlike a traditional hot rod restoration where original parts are used, random years and other non 1956 Chevy truck parts were used.  For instance, the hood on this truck is from a 57 and the engine is a newer 350 V8.  Rat rods are popular for a couple of reasons.  One is that it’s difficult and expensive to find all original parts, not to mention all original parts that actually work.  The other is that the performance can be suped-up.  Rat rods are really all about creativity and ingenuity.  In fact many of them are actually built bare bones and purposely left to look unfinished.  Sometimes the hood has even been removed are chopped so the engine is exposed.  It can make for a really unique and cool truck if it’s done properly.

1939 Rat Rod Pickup

1939 Rat Rod Pickup

Ok, I’m going to completely deviate away from the 1956 Chevy pickup now that I’m on this rat rod tangent.  The above picture is what I was talking about.  To the untrained eye it simple looks like someone forgot to put a hood on the damn thing.  The truck in the picture is actually not a great looking rat rod but I give them an A for effort.  The body they used was built in 1939.  The 20s and 30s seem to be very popular for building rat rods.  I imagine that has something to do with tradition, but I’m guessing it might have a little to do with the year.  What exactly do you do with a cabin from a 1939 truck?  You’ve got no frame, no engine, and no parts.  Rat Rod!

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