1959 Chevy Truck for Sale

The 1959 Chevy truck was the last year in the line of Chevy Task Force trucks. The following year would see some major design changes. Because of this there weren’t a whole of changes to the 59 Chevy truck but there were a few. The missile shaped emblems on the side of the truck were a new introduction for 59. This was also the first full year of the Chevy produced four wheel drive system. Before 59, NAPCO had been the main producer of four wheel drive systems for Chevy. The emblem on the hood had a few design changes and new slip differential unit was installed but, that covers most of the changes.

1959 Chevy Truck

1959 Chevy Truck

The 1959 Chevy truck for sale in this picture was listed on ebay in Florida for the high price of $30,000.  Now, maybe their are some custom features on this truck that justifies the price but, from what I’ve seen these trucks usually sell for around $15,000 in good condition.  I guess it’s possible that this one is somehow more rare than another 59 Chevy pickup but the seller would have to do some mighty convincing to get me to shell out an extra $30,000.  It is lifted which I like and it’s uncommon to see that on trucks this old but lift kits aren’t that expensive and paying  someone to lift it for you isn’t really that expensive either.  One thing I really like about this truck is the classic color.  I’m sure it’s not, but it looks like it could be the original paint job and I think that’s important on classic trucks.

1959 Chevy Pickup Interior

1959 Chevy Pickup Interior

Now, the interior of this 1959 Chevy pickup is very nicely done.  It would take some hard work and serious expertise to restore an interior to this quality. 1959 Chevy truck parts aren’t exactly available in abundance.  In fact the engine on this truck is a 1972 350.  Obviously not the correct year however, you will get a lot more power out if it.  One thing I would like to ask the seller is if the lift was just for show or if they actually got functional use out of it.  My guess is that it was for show.  Which is perfectly fine.  I just can’t imagine someone putting this much love and care into a classic truck and then taking it off road.

All in all, this really is a great 1959 Chevy truck and regardless of the high price it would be a fantastic truck to own.

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