1959 Ford Trucks – F100 and F250

Anyone who collects classic trucks should have a 1959 Ford F100 in their collection, whether it has already been restored or if it is still in it’s former glory. You can find these very old trucks just about anywhere, but I’ve found that the easiest place to find them is on websites like eBay and Craigslist. The only downsides of buying your truck through one of these websites is that, for one, you may have to travel to retrieve your purchase, and you never know just how honest the seller is being in their advertisement.

Penn State Daily Driver

The first 1959 Ford truck I found is compliments of eBay and currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The seller claims that he has used this truck as a daily driver for two years. The truck has the original 292 cubic inch Y block engine and still has good compression on all cylinders. The current owner has put quite a few new parts on this truck, including a five speed transmission, new holley carburetor, fuel pump, and u-joints, as well as a new water pump, clutch, and new brakes. There is some rust on the body, but that is to be expected of a truck this old.

Old Logging Ambulance

This second 1959 Ford truck for sale is also listed on eBay and hails from Eugene, Oregon. It was used by a logging company based out of Crow, Oregon, and that company used it as a logging site ambulance. It has a 223 cubic inch six cylinder engine coupled to the original manual “three on the tree” transmission. The wheels are new aluminum, and the original bench seat has been replaced with two bucket seats.

Old Farming Workhorse

This last truck, which is also courtesy of eBay, is a ’59 Ford F250 4×4. This truck has definitely seen far better days. The body is covered in patina, but that is not necessarily a bad thing, although the front bumper does look like it was made from rust. This truck is actually a two truck deal. The truck on the left is the running daily driver, while the truck on the right is also a ’59 F250 and is being used for parts. The seller is letting them both go for one price. This really is an amazing deal, as long as you know how to do the mechanical work yourself.

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