1967 Chevy Truck for Sale

1967 was the first year of Chevy’s Action Line trucks. The 1967 Chevy truck had a complete body redesign from the 66 Chevy and it took on what most would consider a much more modern look. This was also the beginning of designing more comfortable vehicles instead of just work horses. The 67 Chevy truck came with coil spring suspension which rode much smoother than the old leaf springs. However, the four wheel drive models still came with the leaf springs.

The two optional engines were a 250 cubic inch straight six and a 283 cubic V8. The standard drive-train was equipped with a 3 speed manual transmission. There was an optional 4 speed manual available along with the powerglide and turbo hydromatic automic transmission.

67 Chevy Truck

67 Chevy Truck

The 1967 Chevy truck for sale in this picture was listed on Craigslist for $800 is a good example of what most of these trucks probably look like today. Old, a bit rusted, and abandoned in a field someplace. It’s also a good example of the leap in design from 66 to 67. The grill on the 67 looks light-years ahead of the older grill designs and could nearly pass for a truck 30 years newer. The truck listed here would be a long term project at best. It doesn’t run and would need body work and multiple parts. The other option would be to salvage whatever parts are still decent and sell them individually. 1967 Chevy truck parts are in pretty high demand considering it’s age and they can usually be sold pretty easily through sites like craigslist and ebay.
67 Chevy Pickup

67 Chevy Pickup

This 1967 Chevy pickup for sale on ebay is in great condition. The previous truck we listed could only dream of one day being so nice. As you probably suspect, you will have to pay a premium to pick up a truck so nicely restored. Around $17,000 to be exact. But wait, there’s more! This yellow beauty comes equipped with a new ram jet 350 engine, a custom stereo system, new transmission, tan leather bucket seats, chrome wheels, new flowmaster dual exhaust, and an air conditioner that might someday work. Ok, so the excitement wore off a bit at the end but all the hard work has been done for you. Who needs a working a/c anyway. That’s why windows roll down.

This really was a great year for Chevy trucks and the beginning of a modern look that still influences the designs of today.

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