1969 Chevy Truck for Sale – Lifted 4×4

The 1969 Chevy truck received a larger engine, increasing in size from the 1968 models 307 to 350 cubic inches.  It’s interesting how every year in the 60s cars and trucks received bigger and more powerful engines and in modern times they try to decrease the size of the engines every year.  There were minor design changes to the 69 Chevy truck.  The hood was built a bit more upright and the grill was slightly different than the 68 but nothing major was changed.

Lifted 1969 Chevy Truck

Lifted 1969 Chevy Truck

I found this lifted 1969 Chevy truck for sale on ebay. I’m quite fond of this truck, which shouldn’t be too surprising as I’m fond of most well done lifted trucks. I have a special place in my heart for classic lifted trucks. This is probably due to my additional fondness of all things retro. I once dated a girl who said I was born in the wrong in decade.

Anyway, this bad boy is a 4×4 with an 8″ lift and a sold sticker of $7000. Yes, sadly it has already sold. The owner noted on the listing that it runs really well but told people to remember that these trucks were built like tanks and rode like them as well. I’m sure the lift kit and large tires didn’t add much to the comfort of the ride but the truck sure does look sweet.

1969 Chevy Pickup

1969 Chevy Pickup

Here we a more traditional looking 1969 Chevy pickup for sale on Craigslist. It lists for $3000. Not much other info on it other than “it runs like a beast.” Which I’m guessing is a good thing. This might be a good time to mention that ebay and craigslist are great places to find 1969 Chevy truck parts which will surely come in handy if you purchase one of these classic vehicles. It’s just a fact of life these old trucks require more maintenance than newer vehicles. However, it’s also true that they are much less complicated and easier to repair. My friend has an 08 Jetta that requires special tools just to change the oil, not to mention there are like three panels that have to be removed to complete the oil change. I miss the simple days of reach up, twist, drain, done.

Complaining about the old days really makes me feel old. The next thing I know I’m going to be writing in to TV networks complaining about them canceling my stories.


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