1983 Chevy Truck – S10 Pro Street and Blazer

Maybe I don’t get out of the house enough but I have never seen a truck like the 1983 Chevy truck we have for you today. What makes things even more exciting is that we have a video of this truck in action and it’s the first video we’ve ever posted on Jacked Up Lifted Trucks. Now if tricked out trucks aren’t your thing and you are here for the lifted variety, which is understandable considering our name, you might want to skip to the lifted Blazer at the end of the post. Without further ado….

1983 Chevy S10

1983 Chevy S10

As you can see this 1983 Chevy S10 is no ordinary vehicle. It opens like a tin can to reveal all of the goodies concealed within. This truck was actually listed on ebay not that long ago and the bids reached nearly $12,000 but they didn’t clear the reserve price. The thing I find really amazing about this truck is that the doors and hood still work like normal. I’m not sure I would ever use the doors if I could just pop my entire truck open. Granted I have a high need for attention but, what better vehicle could I possibly buy to get attention? Even tree huggers that despise all things automated would come running to get a closer look at this thing. I could go on and on but I think it’s better to just let you see the whole thing in action for yourself.

Impressed? Ah, come on your jaded bastard this truck is sweet. It sounds angry, looks fantastic and will blow people’s minds. What more could you possibly want? Lifted 1983 Chevy trucks you say? Fine. It’s actually a lifted Blazer but give me a break will ya.

1983 Chevy Blazer

1983 Chevy Blazer

Not too shabby is it? The lift is 6 inches and made by Rough Country. The engine is a 454 big block and the tires are 37 inch boggers. The best part about this Blazer is that it’s dirty, the only way a lifted vehicle should be. The only time a lifted truck should be clean is when it’s washed off right before you see just how dirty you can get it.

That’s it. I swore I would never buy another vehicle as long as the wheels hadn’t fallen off mine but I want something I can get muddy. And I mean really muddy. I want something that will dig mud trenches so deep that every vehicle that follows in its path needs a wench to back out.

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