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Lifted Chevy Trucks

Cheap Used Trucks for Sale by Owner

As you can see, Craigslist is a great place to find affordable used pickup trucks for sale by owner. Now all you have to do is find some money or get approved for a loan. Good luck with that!

1989 Chevy Truck – Silverado, Blazer, Box

Ok, we are going to be featuring three very different 1989 Chevy trucks for sale today. The first one is a real nice looking mud truck that would be perfect for spring time.

1988 Chevy Truck – Silverado, K30, Blazer

And this particular Monday is all about lifted 1988 Chevy trucks. An 88 Chevy Silverado, a large and in charge K30, and a jacked up K5 Blazer to be exact.

1987 Chevy Truck – Silverado, Suburban, Blazer

Today we are featuring three 1987 Chevy trucks for sale. As per usual, all three of them are lifted because life is too short to sit low.

Jacked Up Old Trucks for Sale

This nostalgia combined with a generally low price leads many people to search for old trucks for sale. And since we like our trucks jacked up around here I think it’s only fitting to feature three old trucks that have been lifted and modified.