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Lifted Dodge Trucks

Lifted Used Pickup Trucks for Sale

There are many cheap used pickup trucks for sale in great condition that won’t cost your child their college fund. And the best part is you can find one that already has the upgrades done for you.

Lifted Pick Up Trucks for Sale

The last of today’s pick up trucks for sale is this Nissan Frontier located in Southern California where it reportedly never rains. It has a nice custom grill and has been lifted six inches.

Classic Trucks for Sale – Chevy, Ford and Dodge

When you are looking for classic trucks for sale there are only three possibilities. Chevy, Ford, and Dodge. No need for Toyota and Nissan to apply.

Lifted Used Trucks for Sale by Owner

I would guess the majority of us look at trucks for sale by owner before we go to any dealership when we are in the market for a used vehicle.

Lifted Diesel Trucks for Sale

The first of our diesel trucks for sale is this nice 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 4×4. It’s been listed on ebay in Houston, Texas.