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Lifted Ford Trucks

Collection of 1961 Ford Trucks (F100, F150, F250)

Hello my friends. Here is our nice little collection of 1961 Ford trucks. I found each of these Ford trucks for sale on various sites around the internet. By the time you read this, they will be gone. In fact, most of them are gone already. But they are great representations of what is available.

1963 Ford Trucks – Classic Workhorse

This second 1963 Ford F100 is out of Florida and also is for sale on eBay Motors. This is an unrestored step side with the original six cylinder engine and three speed transmission.

Unibody Era 1962 Ford Trucks

I found this 1962 Ford truck on eBay Motors out of Kentucky. Although you can’t tell just from looking at it, this truck has some real power under the hood.

Three 1960 Ford Trucks for Sale

I stumbled across this antique 1960 Ford truck for sale. It’s an F-250 that has been, and still is, used on a farm as a work truck.

1966 Early Bronco – The Classic Ford 4×4

he Early Bronco had its beginnings in 1965 when it was first sketched. The Ford engineer’s then code named it the U100 and designed it as competition for the Jeep