Lifted Ford Trucks

Ford sells more trucks than any other auto maker in the world and the F150 has been the best selling truck model since, I believe, the beginning of man kind.  So it makes perfect since that over the years there have been some sweet lifted Ford trucks to hit the road.  Until the recent auto collapse Ford seemed to have a sketchy reputation among those that didn’t drive Fords.  But being the one U.S. auto maker that didn’t need a bailout has brought hoards of new fans.  And new fans build new lifted fords.  So hold on to your hats because we like to start big.

Lifted F150Big Red
Lifted F150

I like how proud the dude in this photo is of his lifted ford truck.  And he should be.  A lifted F150 says, “Hey baby, I’m an American.”  Better than almost anything I can think of.  And he didn’t half ass the job.  This guy is 100% go big or go home American pride.  Do you think the French have trucks like these?  You bet they don’t.  Otherwise the Germans would have been much more hesitant to invade.  That’s right, I’m saying America never gets invaded on its home soil because our lifted Fords are too intimidating.  So take note Pepe.  Adjust that beret, shave your woman’s armpits and man up in a real vehicle.

Maybe I’m being too hard on the French.  The automobile and especially the truck means more to Americans than any other country on earth.  It symbolizes freedom for many of us and we choose to exercise that freedom in the form of a lifted ford.

Lifted Ford Ranger

1995 Ranger

You don’t come across lifted Ford Rangers very often and the one’s you do tend to be more subtle like the picture above.  That doesn’t stop them from being a sweet ride.  In fact, I’m a pretty big fan of the one pictured above.  Especially since I always like seeing a truck dirty rather than clean.  And brother, this one’s been dirtied.  I know its not always possible but I believe that all off-roading should be done in the mud and the rain.  Flinging mud all around God’s green earth is one of the reasons the almighty invented us in the first place.  And if you can manage to throw up some sloppy earth all over the window of the man mudding behind you then all the better.  He’s got window shield wipers and fluid for a reason.