Bobtail Insurance

Bobtail insurance is coverage for your tractor when it’s not hauling a trailer with it. This is regardless of whether the truck is under dispatch or not. This is often called Non Trucking liability insurance but it’s not necessarily the same thing. By definition Non Trucking liability is coverage when the tractor is being operated off dispatch whether it’s hauling a trailer with it or not. Both of these are essential for the owner operator so they can be protected against accidents, injuries, or even deaths that result of an incident off dispatch. Since the truck is the entire business it would be a shame to go belly up because the proper insurance wasn’t in place.

Like any good business owner, truckers are concerned with the costs of insurance. There are several companies that provide bobtail liability so a little shopping around should be beneficial. Just keep in mind that cost isn’t everything and a reputable company with a good rating is very important. Talking to a trusted broker is a good way to get some expert advice and find out just how much liability should be carried. Another thing that needs to be considered is whether the insurance is for a single truck or an entire fleet.

There are some limits and restrictions to bobtail insurance. It does not apply when a loaded trailer is being pulled, when operating for a trucking company, or using the truck for any revenue generating purposes. Vehicles who primarily haul garbage are typically not eligible for coverage.

Still not sure if you need to be covered? Insurance is like taxes. No one really wants it but it is necessary and for the most part, very useful. It’s common to hear people talk about how much they hated paying the premiums and how big of rip off it was until the day that they need it. As long as they have a good company on their side they typically come out of the incident reformed and praising the day that they purchased the insurance. Of course, there are people who feel cheated by the payouts received from the insurance company and long legal battles over these situations can be incredibly draining. All of these things must be weighed against each other when coming to a decision on bobtail insurance. Hopefully this article provided a little clarity on the subject. For more information I suggest contacting a couple of different insurance companies and talking them about it. I know Progressive is one reputable option.