Pick Up Truck Insurance

Pick up insurance is essential to protect your vehicle investment, not to mention it’s illegal to drive around without it. The problem is that pickup truck insurance can be really expensive and difficult to afford for some people. There are many reasons why it can be expensive, some you can control and some you can’t.

Trucks are heavier than most vehicles and therefore tend to cause more damage and injury to other vehicles when a wreck occurs. Pick ups are also more expensive on average than cars which of course contributes to the insurance rate. Another contributing factor is that trucks are more difficult to handle than cars, especially in bad weather, so the accident rate is higher and factors into your costs even if you are a good driver.

There are factors you can control. Pickup insurance is no different than cars in the sense that your driving record is a major factor in your rate and premium. If you want to lower your insurance you need to avoid tickets by obeying speed limits and other common traffic violations like rolling stops. Maintain a safe distance from other drivers and stay alert to avoid wrecks. Nothing will raise your rate faster than a wreck on your record.

Used pickups have much cheaper insurance because the cost to replace the vehicle is much lower. Also, you have the option of choosing cheaper plans like liability which only covers the other vehicle if the wreck is your fault. Whether the truck is new or used you have the option of choosing a higher premium. If you get in a wreck it will cost you more out of pocket but your monthly payments to the insurance company can be lowered dramatically.

The number one way most people attempt to lower their pick up truck insurance is to shop around and get quotes from various insurance companies. Every company considers different factors when they put together your rate and every person has a unique situation so it’s possible that the company that was the cheapest for your friend might be on the expensive end for you. Surprisingly the rates at different companies can vary drastically. Many people save hundreds of dollars a year just by switching companies. Make sure you ask about combining vehicles and home owners insurance discounts because the majority of insurance companies provide discounts for carrying more than one policy with them.

The best tip I can give is to get with an insurance broker that you trust and have that person find the best policy and rates for your unique pick up truck insurance situation.