Cheap Trucks for Sale by Owner

The absolutely best way to get a cheap truck is to buy one directly from the owner.  Cut out the middle man markups of the dealerships and go directly to the source.  The only problem is that private sellers don’t have their own used car lots and nobody actually reads the newspaper ads anymore, so where do you go?

The first place that people should search for cheap trucks for sale by owner is Craigslist.  It’s free, it’s easy, it’s local.  You can even narrow your search to only private sellers.  What more could you want?  There are scammers out their so heed Craigslists warnings and follow common sense.  Don’t go sending people money by wire.  Don’t fall for ads that are too good to be true.  But for the most part there isn’t much to worry about.

The second place people should look for cheap trucks for sale is ebay.  You can search local listings but you can’t narrow it down to just private sellers, so you will have to deal a number of dealership listings.  However, if you go through the bidding process it doesn’t really matter if it’s by a private seller or dealership because you only bid as high as you are willing to go.  No painful haggling or high pressure sales tactics.  Just bid to win and the rest is pretty basic.

Now, things are getting even easier all of the time.  If you happen to be too lazy to search a whopping two sites, give a try.  They are a classified website that pulls listings from thousands of other websites.  Just type in the vehicle you are looking for and it will pull listings from multiple websites including, Craigslist and Ebay.  The only problem with this site is that they don’t pull every vehicle and often times the listings have already expired so even though it’s a great time saver, if you are truly looking for cheap trucks you might want to hit the sites I mentioned individually.

Naturally you could the old fashioned route and pull out the newspaper, skim through the listings, call the owners, and hope the vehicle looks nice.  Maybe you will even find a gem.  You might be the only person to call the 75 year old technology challenged individual that just wants a caring owner for his old muscle car he has kept in the garage for all of these years….but seriously, use the sites I told you.