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Lifted Nissan Trucks

Lifted Pick Up Trucks for Sale

The last of today’s pick up trucks for sale is this Nissan Frontier located in Southern California where it reportedly never rains. It has a nice custom grill and has been lifted six inches.

Nissan Frontier Tires-Rims-Wheels

Nissan Frontier tires should match the purpose and look of your truck. You know this, I know this. You would think that everyone would know this, but it simply isn’t the case. Buying parts for your truck should be no different than buying clothes for yourself.

Nissan Titan Tires-Rims-Wheels

Nissan Titan tires should match the type of truck you are driving. But wait a minute? You are driving a Nissan Titan. That’s true, but is it lifted? Or is it lowered? Maybe you are using it as a daily driver or maybe you are taking it over rocks on the weekend.

Lifted Xterra

A lifted Xterra is a fun ride. I remember when Nissan originally launched the Xterra. It was the most unique looking SUV on the market. No other vehicle had the built in rails on the roof or a built in medical kit. It was clearly designed to go after the youth market and they did quite well.

Nissan Lift Kits

I’m going to tell you upfront that if you are looking for a Nissan lift kit your should save yourself some time and just go here.