Lifted Toyota Trucks – Foreign Yet American

Inevitably, when you bring a lifted Toyota truck to the playground you are going to hear some crap from the U.S. made vehicle owners.  Never mind that half the parts in their vehicle have foreign origin or that Toyota has manufacturing plants in the U.S. you are still going to hear it.  The recent quality issues Toyota has faced is just adding fuel to the fire.  But blow off the criticism because you know something that a lot of those Ford, Dodge, and Chevy owners know but are afraid to admit.  Your lifted Toyota looks pretty bad ass.  So let’s look at a couple together.  And of course, we start big.

Lifted Tacoma
Toyota Tacoma Lift Monster Truck

It doesn’t get much bigger than this lifted Tacoma.  It’s like a giant, intimidating banana on wheels.  I really like the shot of the kid standing underneath it.  This is something he is going to remember for the rest of his life.

One of the benefits of having a truck this big is that there is no way you would manage to get in the thing drunk.  You  could try but you could also break your neck when you fall.  They should get rid of interlock devices and just convert alcoholics vehicles into jacked up trucks.  Of course, at some point a creative drunk, probably in college, will figure it out and turn it into the most destructive vehicle known to man.

Lifted 4Runner
Toyota 4runnner Lifted

Here’s a lifted 4Runner for you to feast your eyes upon.  This vehicle means business.  Although it will never be as popular as the early bronco models, 4Runners have been established for a long time as very capable off road vehicle.  A friend of mine had one in college and he put over 200,000 miles on it before he finally blew the engine.  Living at the edge of Wichita, Kansas gave us plenty of access to empty fields.  I think it’s hard to feel more country than gathering up some beers and heading off into a Kansas field to do a little mudding.  Maybe if we were in a Ford with a Calvin pissing on something sticker?

Perhaps, but I think you get my point that a lifted Toyota truck is just as worthy as any of the U.S. born trucks.  If you don’t get my point, then open your protectionist mind for a minute and make friends with lifted Toyota owner.  Don’t be scared.  They are people just like you.