Lifted F250 – Two Flamers

The Ford F250 was remodeled in 1998 and included in the Super Duty line of Fords.  Bigger, heavier bodied, and more powerful than the F150 it was only a matter of time until someone came along and created the first lifted F250.  We thank that pioneer for his innovation and foresight.  Yes he stood on the shoulders of giants but he stood on the shoulders of giants to create giants, and to honor him we now present to you this website’s first lifted Ford F250.  And you better believe it will be a big one.

Ford F250 Lifted
2002 F250

When you get your Ford F250 lifted, why not give it the thickest, tree trunk legs you can imagine?  Why not add some powerful lamps to its grill why you are at it?  Yes they look cool, but they shine over the top of everything you are trying to see in the first place.  Unless that is, you are trying to see things coming at you from 10 miles away.  But you aren’t going to stop there are you?  No, why not give your lifted F250 a flaming paint job?  I mean, why not give it a paint job with flames?  Don’t forget some nice, shiny rims.  Because a lot of people are going to be staring at your rims when you run over the top of them.

F250 Lifted and Flaming
Evil F250

We bring you our second F250 lifted and flaming.  What’s the deal with flames on automobiles?  It’s like tigers on Ed Hardy clothes.  It might have been cool and maybe some people still think its cool but really, it’s time to come up with something new.  Something manly.  Like horses and hearts.  Actually, horses and hearts sounds like a really cool name for a death metal band.  Their breakout hit will be called “Little Timmy’s Recital” and their hair will be as long as their……..I think I’m going to stop there.  Either way we should get a VH1 Behind the Music episode out of it.

Ok, so I’ve picked on this lifted F250 a little bit but the truth is, it is a really cool truck.  I’ve said it many times but I’m a sucker for the lamps on top.  The grill with its solid chrome look really makes the truck look sharp and the flames are subtle enough for me to let slide.  Throw in the tasteful lift job that gives this F250 a boost without making it look insane and you’ve got yourself a winner.

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