Lifted Jeeps – Yes Baby

Is it just me or are jeeps the coolest vehicle you can own.  Never mind the virtually non-existent gas mileage or the poor every day drive they offer.  Remove the roof and doors and suddenly you ooze cool.  Lifted jeeps are no exception to this rule and in fact, might enforce it.  Now, I know lifted jeep owners can get a little cocky and at times it can get them in trouble.  We were headed down the highway in a snow storm a few years back when a lifted jeep rolled past us like it was a sunny day in California.  I told my friends they were going to wreck and no sooner had I finished the sentence than they spun out and ended up in the snowy grass ditch that split the highway.  Of course they rolled right out of it a few seconds later.  After all, what’s a lifted jeep for?

Lifted Jeep Wrangler

Lifted Jeep Wrangler

This lifted jeep wrangler looks like it has won a few trophies.  But what did it win for?  Best monster tires on a lifted wrangler?  Best car crush?  Best Mud bog?  I don’t know but I say it deserved to win every one of those little trophies.  I think the owner should glue him to his dash.  Seriously though, these tires are massive.  They double the length of the jeep.  I would roll down forests if I owned this thing.  Maybe its better that I don’t.  Its an environmentalist’s nightmare.  A lifted jeep wrangler that can mow down a forest and gets 5 miles a gallon while it’s at it.  Makes me smile a little.

What’s next on our agenda?  How about a lifted jeep grand cherokee with a small child surfing on top?

Lifted Grand Cherokee

Lifted Grand Cherokee

See?  I wasn’t lying about the lifted jeep cherokee with a small child surfing on top.  Ok, so the jeep is parked and the odds of the child falling off are slim, but the child is a girl and we all know girls aren’t athletic.  As for those girls that beat me at basketball and arm wrestling, they need gender testing.  All 25 of them.  Besides, the little girl on this cherokee looks like she is probably a hippie.  I can take a hippie.

This lifted cherokee really is a cool vehicle.  It appears to have a custom paint job and the black rims on black paint really make it look fierce.  The crank on the front is a nice touch as well.  All around a nice ride.

2 Responses to Lifted Jeeps – Yes Baby
  1. Melaku Michaek
    September 26, 2010 | 10:13 am

    Whats the sieze of those tires on the first jeep?

  2. jon doe
    January 11, 2011 | 11:50 pm

    first one is a jeep cj, not a wrangler. you can tell by the front clip and rouned rear wheel well

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