Lifted Nissan Frontier

Today we have a very special lifted Nissan Frontier for you. This lifted Frontier is special because it’s bad ass and it’s very fake. That’s right, somebody has been playing with photo shop again. The funny thing is that despite it’s fakeness, I actually really like the picture. It makes you wish that the truck actually existed. And I guess it did, just not in the form that is shown.

Maybe your eye is being deceived by the potential awesomeness so you think this picture might be real. Well, I ask you, “How is a truck tearing through that muddy mess so darn clean?” See what I mean? The world of photo shop is deceiving. Just ask any poor sole that searched for a mate online. She told you she was a model and she looked real pretty and in shape in the pictures she sent but when you met her……you figured she must have consumed her old self. Luckily a Nissan Frontier lifted from one set of wheels and placed on another isn’t going to demand dinner.

Lifted Frontier – Mudding

Lifted Frontier - Mudding
Lifted Frontier - Mudding

Can you imagine if they made a Nissan Frontier lift kit that could do this to one of their trucks? You would probably have to sign a waiver first. Not to mention that the insurance company would probably drop you. I guess you could always go with Lloyd’s of London. They will insure anything. Ricky Williams legs? No problem. Jennifer Lopez’s ass? A big problem, but sure they will insure it. :) Nissan Frontier lift kits will never get this crazy of course, and that makes me a little bit sad. Isn’t the American dream about accomplishing the ridiculous? If I want to go mudding through the dirtiest hole I can find without a single spot of mud sticking to my truck, isn’t that my right as an American? I mean damn, wasn’t Obama supposed to change things around here?

That reminds me. From now on I’m only voting for politicians that drive ridiculous vehicles. Since I don’t live in California I missed my shot with Arnold but I’m know I will get another chance. There is surely a republican out there with a lifted truck. Maybe not a lifted Nissan Frontier because It’s not made in America but I can’t get too picky.

I’ll admit, this post kind of went off the deep end. Sometimes you have way too much coffee and your mind races quicker than you can handle. I imagine it will take multiple beers to calm my mind back down. And you know what? I’m ok with that.

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