Lifted Nissan Titan

The more often I seen a lifted Nissan Titan, the more fond I become of them. They are large, tough, and produced with a straight forward design that any truck enthusiast can be proud of. I think another reason why I like them is that they are relatively rare. I’ve always had a strange need to be different and so I tend to appreciate other things that are different. That is, if you can really call something mass produced different.

Compared to the number of Ford and Chevy trucks on our roads, the Titan really is different. Try searching for a lifted Nissan Titan for sale. You may come up with one or two in your city. Possibly none if you don’t live in a major city. Luckily, I’ve done the searching for you and came up with this beauty below. I really feel like someone should pat me on the back for this because I’m usually way too lazy to accomplish this.

Lifted Titan – White

Lifted Titan
Lifted Titan

I found this lifted Titan for sale down in Dallas, Texas. Dallas is a pretty big city and one of the fastest growing in American. And people from Texas really love trucks yet, this is the only Nissan Titan lifted beyond factory standards that I could find. Granted I only looked on Craig’s list so there may be a couple more out there but it won’t be more than two or three.

Lifted Titan 35″ Tire

Lifted Titan Tires
Lifted Titan Tires

The 35″ mud tire on this Titan really caught my attention. The black and chrome rims match up perfectly with the truck and really give it’s look a nice kick. Sometimes you will see rims on a vehicle that just don’t match up. I’m talking about more than a $500 Monte Carlo with $2000 gold rims on it. I’m talking about flashy spinners on a minivan or those rims that make your tire look super thin. They just don’t sit well with me. Actually, fancy rims on a minivan really shouldn’t sit well with anyone.

Of course if you want your own lifted Nissan Titan you are either going to have to buy one or build one yourself with a Nissan Titan lift kit. I imagine there are plenty of standard lifts that would work on a variety of truck models but there are definitely Nissan Titan lift kits specifically designed for that make and model that you might want to check out. Sadly, I’ve already done my search for the day so you are on your own for this one.

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