Lifted Xterra

A lifted Xterra is a fun ride. I remember when Nissan originally launched the Xterra. It was the most unique looking SUV on the market. No other vehicle had the built in rails on the roof or a built in medical kit. It was clearly designed to go after the youth market and they did quite well. A lifted Nissan Xterra only adds to the appeal.

The picture below this paragraph is of a different kind of lifted Xterra. There is no body lift on this vehicle but it is clearly higher off the ground than it is supposed to be. :) I just thought it was a neat photo. I’m not really sure what the intentions were of the photographer. Are they trying to make art? Maybe they are trying to show how powerful the fork lift is. The only thing I can see on the Xterra that might be a little different from the factory is the tires. They are clearly for some serious off-roading business. Maybe the owner should just bite the bullet and lift it up for real.

xterra 13

This photo reminds me of the horrible Ford Tempo I drove in college. One night after a heavy bit of drinking my friends snuck over to my car, lifted up the back end and shifted it over about a foot. I’m not sure what exactly they were trying to accomplish but they seemed pretty proud of themselves. The happy ending to this story is the Tempo should be scrap metal by now.

Lifted Xterra for Sale

Lifted Xterra for Sale
Lifted Xterra for Sale

I found the above Xterra for sale in Orange County California which seems to be the lifted truck capitol of the world. Somebody please explain why. Anyway, it’s a 2002 with a 2 inch lift kit for $7000. I didn’t get the mileage but it appears to be in fair condition in the photo. I did a lot of searching for lifted Nissan Xterras and this was the only one I found for sale. I thought about it a little bit and realized that I have never seen one in person. Why is this? It seems like every other Bronco is jacked up. Maybe the Xterra is too new of a model. The older cars and trucks seem to get customized more often. And it makes sense if you are going to be taken it off road and beating it up a bit. Why would you want to do that to a new truck when you can do it to an old one?

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