Lifted Chevy Trucks

Since Chevy trucks are like a rock, then lifted Chevy trucks are like a mountain.  Big, bold and powerful, when you see one passing by you can’t help but stare and wonder just what in the hell life is like up so high.  Good.  The answer is, life is good.  I grew up in Oklahoma and a good friend of mine owned a farm and a lifted Chevy.  Sometimes we would just take it to go fishing in one of the 3 ponds on his property.  Bass want to ride in big trucks as much as we do.  Don’t they?  Anyway, despite our stellar fishing skills, the bass weren’t always biting.  Well, going home wasn’t an option we ever considered so we would pack up our poles, finish our beers, shift into low gear and tear up some land.  I never could place my finger on why it was always so damn fun.  Ok, maybe the beer had something to do with it.  But I have a pretty good feeling that we would have enjoyed it sober.  I wish I would have taken some pictures of that old truck, but luckily plenty of other people took pictures of theirs.  So without further ado.

Huge Lifted Chevy Silverado
huge lifted chevy truck

I’m not too sure this behemoth is street legal.  You are going to need at least two lanes and something to roll over and crush. Something like a Kia.  Doesn’t matter the model.  Just smash a Kia and we can all go home a little happier.  Can you imagine the look on the face of whoever this monster lifted Silverado rolls up on.  The tires alone are bigger than most cars.  You need a step ladder just to get to the door.  It’s obviously excessive and that’s obviously why I like it.

Lifted S10

S-10 SS 4X4

Sorry about the quality on this picture.  Its still a sweet picture.  I’m not sure what’s going on with that blower but the black on black color scheme is working great for this lifted s10.  I’ve mentioned it before, but I always like the lights on top.  Makes me feel like I’ve got some important giant truck business to take of while the rest of you average citizens are sleeping.  The fade on this photo actually makes it feel like it’s much older than it is.  You can tell by the model of the s10 that it can’t be older than the 90s but what if Doc Brown got a hold of the thing and now he needs to get “back to the future?”  I hope he makes it.  Lifted Chevys are too sweet to be left in the past.