1966 Early Bronco – The Classic Ford 4×4

he Early Bronco had its beginnings in 1965 when it was first sketched. The Ford engineer’s then code named it the U100 and designed it as competition for the Jeep

1959 Ford Trucks – F100 and F250

Anyone who collects classic trucks should have a 1959 Ford F100 in their collection, whether it has already been restored or if it is still in it’s former glory. You can find these very old trucks

Vintage 1958 Ford Trucks – Farm and Panel Truck

1958 Ford Panel Truck
I found this old 1958 Ford truck for sale on eBay. This is really a rare find. It is hard enough to find Ford trucks this old, but to find one that is a panel truck is just about like finding the proverbial “needle in a haystack.” That being said, this truck does need a complete restoration, although it does currently run.

Vintage 1957 Ford Trucks

Don’t get me wrong, 1957 Ford trucks are still incredible pieces of craftsmanship, they just got a pretty extensive makeover. This first ’57 Short Bed Ford

Eye Popping 1956 Ford Trucks

What is so great about the year 1956, you ask? Well, 1956 Ford Trucks, of course! I mean, really, is there any year of Ford trucks that was really bad?