Three 1960 Ford Trucks for Sale

The sixties are a decade filled with revolutionary thinking, and few companies were able to latch on to the ideals of a new generation better than Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford’s already revolutionary ideas for automobile manufacturing had been going strong for decades, so there was no reason for that momentum to slow down after 1960. Ford trucks did not escape the changes that were sweeping over America. Instead, they embraced the working man’s ideals and once again came out at the front of the pack. You can still find these trucks around today. Some have withstood the test of time better than others, though.

1960 Ford Truck

After only a few short minutes of perusing the pages of Craigslist classifieds, I stumbled across this antique 1960 Ford truck for sale. It’s an F-250 that has been, and still is, used on a farm as a work truck. The workhorse 292 cubic inch V8 engine runs great and starts quick with the addition of a brand new battery only two months ago.

This old truck needs quite a bit of cosmetic work to get it looking like new; but, in the hands of the right owner, this pickup could look like it just rolled off the assembly line in no time.

1960 Ford Truck Powder Blue

After I found that first 1960 Ford truck on Craigslist, I decided to take a look and see what eBay had to offer me. It didn’t take long at all to spot this beautifully restored 1960 Ford F100. The frame-off restoration was completed about eight years ago and the list of things done to restore this truck is pretty lengthy. This was a very in depth restoration done by someone who paid enough attention to detail to even use the original Skymist blue paint. Everything works on this truck and the interior upholstery has been redone to match the rest of the truck. This truck would turn heads anywhere you drove it.

1960 Ford Truck in field

This last pickup, also courtesy of the infamous Craigslist, is the epitome of a classic workhorse. That’s in my humble, eight foot bed loving opinion, of course. This old truck has just enough wear and tear on the body to show that it has been rode hard, but it also hasn’t been put away wet, if you’ll pardon the expression. This pickup has been as well taken care of as any old four hoofed workhorse. This would be a great truck for a cruise down to the drive-in with your better half.