Classic 1950 Ford Trucks

The year was 1950. It had been only five years since the second World War came to a close, but one man’s company was going strong and turning out pickup trucks that were affordable to the American working man. At the midway point of the twentieth century, the 1950 Ford F1 was an invaluable asset for American farmers. The iconic look of 1950 Ford trucks is easily recognizable these days; but, unfortunately, many of these trucks have been left to rot and rust in what used to be sprawling farmland. However, if you know where to look, you can find some of these 1950 Ford trucks for sale.

An Old Workhorse

This first 1950 Ford truck is out of San Antonio in the great state of Texas. This is about the norm for the condition you’ll find most of these old, American made workhorses in. The body appears to have fared decently well over the decades, showing only minimal signs of rust. There are some major issues, though. As you’ll find fairly often in these classic trucks, this one has been cannibalized. There is no engine. During the owner’s restoration efforts, a crack was found in the block of the 289ci V8 between two of the cylinders. As any mechanic will tell you, a cracked engine block is effectively useless.

Another Texas Pickup

The second 1950 Ford pickup also calls Texas it’s home, around the Forney area. This truck has obviously had some work done to it to give it a second round on the roads. This truck is very clean looking. The paint shade isn’t really eye-catching, but it definitely helps the the rims and stylized “Ford” logo on the tailgate stand out. In my opinion, the best part of this truck is under the hood. It’s packing a Chevy 350 Small Block engine coupled to a 350 Turbo transmission. A Ford 9 inch rear end is the final stop for the engine’s torque before it gets translated to rubber on the pavement.

Workhorse Turned Showhorse

The final truck I wanted to feature is an outstanding example of a successful restoration project. This truck has truly been given a new, and probably well deserved life. The owner put a lot of money into restoring this truck. It is now powered by a Ford 400M engine and C6 transmission coupled to a ’78 Chevy half ton rear end. The paint is actually a shade of purple, although it looks more blue to me, and the trim, bumper, and grill are all stainless steel. This old workhorse has been put out to pasture to be admired for the rest of it’s days.