1954 Chevy Truck for Sale

The 1954 Chevy truck had some notable changes over the previous model years.  One of the biggest changes was in the engine.  The 54 Chevy truck had a straight 6 engine, meaning the cylinders were all inline with each other.  The previous years didn’t carry a straight 6.  The windshield had a major change as well.  A single solid pane of glass was now being used.  Prior years had a bar splitting the middle of the windshield.

The body design of these trucks remained mostly the same except for the grill.  On previous years the grill was large, with a number of slightly waved bars running horizontal across the front of the truck.  The grill was greatly reduced on the 54 with two thicker bars running horizontal and one connecting them running vertical through the middle.  Naturally, lots of shiny chrome was still used.  The new grill was actually a somewhat intimidating look for the time and a welcome upgrade.

Other 1954 Chevy truck parts had some changes as well.  Turn singles were now available and an optional heater was available as well.  In the 50s these were major upgrades and really improved the quality of the drive.  Just imagine driving in the dead of winter without a heater.  You would need to dress like you were about to climb Everest.  Gloves, hat, coat, blanket, everything.  Not to mention that these trucks weren’t exactly air tight.

1954 Chevy Truck
1954 Chevy Truck

The picture above is of a 1954 Chevy truck for sale on ebay.  The odometer has been maxed out at 99,999 miles and still runs but needs some engine work.  According to the listing this is not a show truck but is in decent condition.  The paint is old and chipped and could use an upgrade.  At the time I checked there was 1 hour left on the auction and the reserve had not yet been met at $6000.  For it’s age, this 1954 Chevy pickup appears to be decent shape but as the owner said, it’s not show quality, so I don’t think he can really expect much more than $6000 for this truck.  The truck might have sentimental value and sometimes people will list a vehicle they don’t really want to sell in the off chance that they make a killing on it.  If the offers are just average, or as I like to say, fair, then they don’t sell.  I can’t blame them for that.