Unibody Era 1962 Ford Trucks

The year 1962 was the year of the Unibody on Ford’s pick up trucks. It was out with the old step side beds with flared fenders, and in with the newer, more sleek and streamlined look. Ford ushered in a new era in pick up trucks with it’s new body design and paved the path that automobile manufacturers would follow for decades to come. It would be quite some time before any truck company brought back the old step side design. For now, it is all about less wind resistance!

1962 Ford Truck

I found this 1962 Ford truck on eBay Motors out of Kentucky. Although you can’t tell just from looking at it, this truck has some real power under the hood. The exterior is very clean and well taken care of, but under the hood is where the real value lies.

This classic pick up is equipped with a 351 cubic inch Windsor engine that has been given a larger cam, a Weland high rise air intake, a Holley four barrel carburetor, new headers, new radiator, and a new fan. All the power from the 351 Windsor is translated to the rubber by a new automatic transmission with overdrive.

1962 Ford Unibody Truck

This second 1962 Ford truck for sale is courtesy of eBay Motors out of Arizona. This one doesn’t have quite as much power as the previous pick up, however, this truck is a great deal closer to being in original condition. As a matter of fact, the only non original equipment on this truck is the custom welded rear bumper. Everything else on this truck is OEM, or “Original Equipment Manufacturer,” right down to the new paint that was done in 2005. The 292 cubic inch V8 has only 500 miles on it since the rebuild. It also has a new radio and new heater, although I don’t think you would need the new heater in it’s native state of Arizona.

Unibody 1962 Ford Truck

This last 1962 Ford F100, also courtesy of eBay Motors, is out of Sterling, Virginia. The last two trucks were very well taken care of, but this one has definitely seen some better days. Curiously enough, the current owner bought this truck in Arizona only three years ago. I wonder what kind of shape it was in prior to that transaction. There are so many things wrong with this old truck that it would be impossible to list them all here; but, I’m an optimist, and I think that if the right person got a hold of this truck, they could give her a new lease on life.