1963 Ford Trucks – Classic Workhorse

Ford trucks were work trucks back in 1963 just as much as they were work trucks as far back as the 1940s. As a matter of fact, Ford trucks have always been work trucks. They get bigger, more powerful, and even more luxurious every year. Yesteryear’s trucks are a far cry from the lap of luxury that we enjoy today, but their purpose has remained the same generation after generation. Ford trucks always have been and always will be work trucks, from the half ton F100 to the muscular one ton F350.


I found the first featured 1963 Ford truck for sale on eBay Motors and it hails from Wisconsin. Originally from South Dakota, under the hood is sports the original 292 cubic inch Y block engine coupled to a four speed transmission. This three quarter ton F250 is ninety-nine per cent rust free and is a great truck as is, or it could be a fairly easy restoration. It starts right up, runs, and drives like a truck should. It has been kept in a heated garage out of snow and rain, and the current owner only drives it on sunny, dry days. There are a few issues, but you will have that with any truck that is almost half a century old.


This second 1963 Ford F100 is out of Florida and also is for sale on eBay Motors. This is an unrestored step side with the original six cylinder engine and three speed transmission. It runs and drives as it should, although one of the wheel cylinders does seep a little and will need some attention. The tailgate has some rust on the bottom, but it is still original and attached to the truck. The interior is all stock and the floors and frame are both solid. Whoever purchases this truck will need to get the ignition and door locks both re-keyed.


This last 1963 Ford truck, again from eBay Motors, is from the great state of Texas. The original 292 cubic inch V8 is in great condition, as is the three speed transmission. The three on the tree linkage is a little worn, so inexperienced drives may get it locked into second gear. The wheel cylinders, master cylinder, and brake shoes have all been recently replaced. This truck also has the old, original AM tube radio which does work once the tubes warm up. This truck needs a little cosmetic work done, but it would definitely make a great daily driver.