1966 Early Bronco – The Classic Ford 4×4

The Early Bronco had its beginnings in 1965 when it was first sketched. The Ford engineer’s then code named it the U100 and designed it as competition for the Jeep as well as the International Scout. It was a nimble, light weight four wheel drive that we now have come to know and love thus explaining its 30 year run.

The 1966 Ford Bronco was first marketed to ranchers and farmers or those that needed a camping or hunting vehicle. Even back then automobile magazines were ragging the bronco for being better for off the road rather than on but that didn’t stop many families from using it as an all-purpose vehicle for the farm as well as for the family.

1966 Ford Bronco Ad
1966 Ford Bronco Ad
The earliest version wasn’t very comfortable with no power disc brakes, power steering or automatic transmission. The gear shifter was in a weird position on the steering column and there was not much to say about the interior of the vehicle. It came with a large rubber floor mat and if you wanted something else you would have to special order it. It came with only the driver’s seat being standard and all others were optional. The windshield wipers were mounted from the top in contrast to modern wipers being mounted from below and they weren’t electric but instead vacuum operated.

You had the choice of body that you wanted your truck to have. There was the half cab pickup, the wagon and the roadster convertible. The only difference among the three was the top and door configurations but everything else was pretty much the same and the prices for getting what you wanted weren’t high either.

The most popular of the body choices was the wagon and after a while it was the only choice for someone looking for an Early Ford Bronco. It came with a steel top that covered the entire cockpit and truck bed. There was a rear window that could be lifted to store things behind the back seat. This was great as it provided cover from the elements but it could be removed quite easily by removing some bolts and lifting it off with the help of another person.

This is the same type of truck that many car enthusiasts are trying to get their hands on today and they can be a nice addition to any collection. They have stood the test of time and have proven Ford to be one of the best makers of quality trucks.