Jacked Up Trucks – Hot Bikini Model

Its about time we loosen things up around here.  Or should I say stiffen things up?  You know, I wish I could thank the man that first discovered that jacked up trucks can only look better with a hot bikini model standing near by.  I guess most things look better with a hot girl near by.  I know I do.  So it stands to reason that a blog about jacked up trucks can only look better with a hot bikini model.  So without further ado, I give you my favorite jacked up truck.

Lifted Ford – Bikini Baby
subluxator, 37 ford pictures 049

I mean, I think this is my favorite.  There is something about it that I can’t quite put my finger on.  Although I would really like to put my finger on it.  Maybe its the over-sized tires.  Perhaps its the shiny paint job.  Or could it be the chrome grill?  You know, the funny thing is that when I first saw this picture I didn’t even know a truck was in it.

I’ve got it!  I know what draws me in about the truck.  The impressive head lights!  Yes, I’ve always been a fan of impressive head lights.  Seriously though, I’m a fan of this girl.  That truck was a low rider before she got close to it.  The best part about her is that this isn’t the only truck she likes..um…jacked up.

Hot Jacked Up Truck Girl
subluxator, 37 ford pictures 051

Sorry Chevy fans.  It looks like the only jacked up trucks she gets with are Fords.  I know, I know.  You feel it’s discrimination.  But a lady likes what a lady likes and who would deny this woman what she wants?  Certainly not me.  So what if I just got my truck waxed?  Lean against it sweet thing.  And if its not big enough for you, we’ll just jack it up and up and up until you are completely and wholly satisfied.  Now here’s a hose because we’ve got to spray it down.

subluxator, 37 ford pictures 244

Here’s your bonus photo for the day.  It also happens to be the last one I can find of her.  If I had my choice I would never show another truck on this blog.  It would just be girls in bikinis.  Some of them would be leaning on trucks.  But why would I limit us to the small number of photos of hot girls near lifted trucks?  Maybe we could make a whole magazine out of the hot girl laying on jacked up trucks theme.  I would be the Hugh Hefner of trucks.  We would party at my custom double wide and after it got a bit lit and we were a bit tipsy, the clothes come off for a dip in my above ground pool.