Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Trucks For Sale

The Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Truck was one of the most sought after toys on Christmas lists everywhere in 2010. These rc monster trucks for sale are suitable for children aged 6 and over. They are made just like their originals built strong to endure hours of active play time.

Getting this toy for your son, nephew or any other male child in your life will be a wonderful event. Watch them open their gift and look at that priceless look on their faces as they find out what it is.

This is one of the largest monster truck toys ever created and it offers 4 wheel drive simulation with 2 foot chassis that will help the truck over different terrains just like its regular sized counterpart. It has nine inch wheels that are treaded and overall the size of the truck is 28.6” by 19.4” by 18.2”. The weight for the entire package will be 20 lbs.

The truck can do a variety of stunts so your child won’t run out of good clean fun when playing with this truck. It can do a 360 degree spin and has a roll bar like the real truck. It has exhaust pipes that have the ability to light up as well as it has a number of realistic sounds just like the full sized drivable version.

With the truck you will get a battery pack plus the charger. You can purchase a spare battery pack for nonstop fun if you would like so you never have to wait on the batteries to be recharged to continue having fun.

If you are a kid at heart yourself you will enjoy playing with this with your kid and may even be a bit jealous if you are a monster truck fanatic but can’t afford the real thing. Mastering the control of the toy won’t be that hard especially if your child is already familiar with such toys of a similar nature. With your purchase you get a 15 month coverage for any problems you may find with the performance of the toy within that time frame.

You will find the Fast Lane Wild Fire monster truck for sale by clicking here.  It’s on the pricey side but it is well worth it as the toy is very sturdy and has a lot of features for endless fun for your little man, his pals and even you.