Lifted Trucks – Bigger is Better?

When you are talking about lifted trucks is it always “The bigger the better?”  In a way, yes, of course it is.  But it depends on what you are trying to get out of a lifted truck.  Since the name of the game is jacking up your truck higher than the factory then it’s only natural to have a competition of who can go the highest, with the biggest wheels, and the baddest paint job, etc.  But what if the name of the game is functionality?  You want your lifted truck to be noticeable and able to dominate any hybrid that foolishly crosses its path but at the same time you want to actually be able to drive it somewhere besides some distant dessert.  These are questions that owners of lifted trucks must ask themselves.  So, let’s start big!

Lifted F150 – Big as a House

big lifted truck

I ask you dear reader, is this excessive?  I’m not sure it’s really a lifted truck now more than it’s a truck on hydraulic stilts.  I bet parking is a bitch.  20 point turn and you are almost there.  I guess you could always make your own parking spot.  It’s not like anyone is going to be able to tow you away.  I’m not even sure how people get in this thing.  You need a helicopter just to reach the door.  The brush guard on this monster cracks me up as well.  What could you possibly hit up there?  Maybe it’s a tree top guard or a power line guard.  Ok, let’s bring it back to down to earth for a minute.

Lifted Chevy Truck – Functional
Hack Shack - Trucks

This here lifted chevy is subtle but not to be messed with.  It’s what the everyman’s lifted truck should be.  You can drive it to work everyday and turn a few heads.  “Here comes Bob in his big ole truck.”  Then the weekend comes and you can turn her loose.  Beat up trails, haul some rocks, intimidate a Nissan, whatever it is that you desire.  Plus, people understand this better.  Nobody is going to look at you crazy and think that you weren’t loved enough as a child and now you are overcompensating by jacking your truck to the heavens.  No, they just say, “That ole Bob, he sure likes to have a good time.”

Which brings me to a tangent.  Dogs are a man’s best friend.  So they must love lifted trucks as much as we do.  And if you are one of the few men on this earth with a lifted truck and no dog to share it with, go out and adopt one for goodness sake.