Tips for Modifying Mud Trucks

Many people think that in order to go out in the mud you need special mud trucks, but this is far from the truth. These trucks are nothing more than modified trucks, how much they are modified is going to depend on your personal preferences. If you don’t want to modify your truck you can still go out mudding, but you do run a higher risk of being stuck in the mud.

How many of the modifications you make are going to depend on what you plan to do out in the mud, but also if you plan to enter any off-road competitions. Just going out and goofing around in the mud doesn’t require many modifications. If you plan to enter any competitions, you will want to make all of the modifications that you can to help increase your chances of winning. Once you know what you want to do with your mud truck you will want to research the different modifications based on your specific truck.

When creating mud bogging trucks the first thing you want to do is invest in different tires. Street tires, even if they are all-terrain, are not the same as off-road tires, also known as mud terrain tires. This upgrade needs to be done to all trucks because it increases the efficiency of your truck in the mud. The size of tire that you purchase is going to be up to you, bigger doesn’t always mean better. The one thing you want to remember with mud terrain tires is that if you want huge tires on your mud truck you will also need to install a lift kit.

Even if you are not going with huge tires a lift is usually a good idea on mudding trucks. The reason why is because it lifts your truck up off the ground more, which decreases your chance of being stuck in a mud hole. The best thing about lift kits is they come in a variety of sizes, obviously the higher you go the more money it is going to cost. Something else to think about is that lifting your truck does change how it handles, but also can increase your chances of rolling when in an accident.

The last two modifications you should make to mud trucks that will also be used for street driving is to change the bumpers and install a winch. Upgrading your bumpers is a smart idea because off road bumpers are a tougher bumper than stock ones, which means when you are stuck in the mud and have to be towed out the bumper will not fall off. The winch is a great addition and can be installed when you are upgrading your bumpers. Having a winch is a lifesaver if you are stuck and nobody else is around, and it causes less damage than using another truck to pull you out.

There are plenty of other modifications that you can do to create a true mud truck. The more you get into mudding the more information you will discover. Starting with the basics and then modifying more as you have the money is the best plan for any kind of budget. The one thing you need to remember is that you will be constantly upgrading your mudding truck to create the best one around.