Semi Truck Insurance

Semi truck insurance is important because often times its not just protecting a vehicle but an entire business. This reality can make choosing semi insurance a stressful situation. There are many factors to consider before choosing a policy and this article covers many of them.

Before choosing a big rig insurance policy there are a few basic questions to ask. Do you own one or multiple trucks? Do you lease or own your truck? Will someone like a spouse or partner be frequently traveling with you?

Next you should consider the features and coverage options available. A commercial truck insurance broker can help you with these and determine what is necessary.

1. Regardless of price savings, go with an A-rated company. A cheaper premium isn’t worth it if your insurance company has poor service or can’t cover the damage.

2. Do you need comprehensive coverage? This covers non collision disasters like wind damage, fire, animals, hail etc.

3. Replacement cost coverage will provide you with a vehicle that is “like and kind.” In other words, if you total your truck, regular coverage might not pay out enough to purchase another working semi.

4. Accessories coverage covers attached items like satellite, antennas, custom paint jobs and those lovely girl mud flaps.

5. Coverage for emergency expenses will cover things like a hotel and transportation back home in the event your vehicle is no longer working.

6. Roadside Assistance will cover portions of the costs to repair flat tires or the towing of your truck. If you’ve ever been through Western Kansas you realize how much it would cost to tow your truck the nearest repair station.

7. Non Owned Trailer Coverage will take care of damages to third party trailers you happen to be hauling.

There are many other coverage options available for your 18 wheeler insurance. Get with a trusted professional to determine your needs. Talking to several brokers is also a good idea because one may not have the same ideas as the other. It’s also a good way to compare costs to make sure that you are getting a good deal along with the proper coverage. Try not to shop on price alone as some brokers will leave out certain coverages to lower cost and reel you in. It will look good up-front but when an accident happens and you find out you will have to pay for all of it out of pocket that lower price won’t look so good anymore. Now get out there an find your semi truck insurance.