JDM Cars and USS Auctions

Japanese Domestic Market cars also known as JDM cars are used vehicles manufactured in Japan and exported to other countries including the U.S. They are typically in pretty good condition and often have low mileage on them but are no longer street legal in Japan.

The reason is stricter Japanese emission laws, which do not allow the vehicles to drive on the roads if they do not meet emission standards in reference to suspended particulate matter (SPM), CO, NOx and many more.

The levels of air pollution caused by NOx remains significantly high in Japan because of the increase in traffic volume and use of diesel-powered vehicles. Japanese vehicles which do not comply with the strict standards at the time of inspection, either need to be repaired and brought up to current standards or must be replaced entirely. Since repair costs in Japan are so high, it often makes more since to buy a new car even if the old run is still in pretty good shape. This leaves a high supply of cars in good condition but not up to standards.

Most of these cars do meet the standards set out by Australia, New Zealand, European countries and US so they are shipped or stripped down for their parts to be shipped to these countries.

How JDM Cars are Procured?

USS (used cars system solution) is a company conducting auctions of used cars. USS organizes auctions at 16 sites within Japan. The largest auction site is in Tokyo, where the average rate of auction is 20 seconds per car. In a year it auctions almost 800,000 to 1000,000 cars. It is estimated that more than 70 percent of used cars are traded through auction.
Unlike other countries, only selected dealers or individuals can participate in auction, who are called members of the USS. Very stringent criteria are made and enforced to gain the membership of USS and to pass the investigation for license that includes sufficient experience in the field of car business. It is said that USS auction ships almost 60,000 cars per week. Dealers do maintain the stock of these cars which can be found through their respective websites.

Why JDM Cars Are so Popular?

Used cars lose their value in Japan very quickly for the reasons mentioned above. It means that you can find some incredible values in pre-auction, which are worth following.

Low Price, Good Value

The high volume of cars being auctioned at different centers in Japan keeps prices of these cars down and with your sharp acumen you can find a very good car at quite a low price. Most of the cars, which are up for auction, are found to have traveled less mileage compared to the cars of the same year and model in US. Additionally, cars with features such as sunroofs, power windows, navigation systems and TV can also be had at throw away prices in auction bidding.

It seems JDM cars will continue to offer lucrative deals in the years to come.