Unique 1978 Ford Bronco XLT

The Ford Bronco has always been one of my favorite vehicles and I’m not alone. The Bronco is the godfather of the SUV and many people seek out these classic behemoths to restore them or to just ride high in retro style.

The 1978 Ford Bronco is special because it underwent a major redesign and became the much larger version that many of us remember and thus paving the way for the over-sized SUV craze. It was actually based on a shortened version of the full size F-100 and came with a removable top. The removable top is what first brought my attention to these vehicles. They give off an incredible sense of adventure which appealed to be me quite a bit.

The 1978 Bronco design only lasted two years before going through another change in 1980. It’s a shame that it only lasted two years as it’s my favorite of all the Bronco designs. Thankfully their are still plenty being sold and I’ve found two really unique one’s that recently sold online.

1978 Ford Bronco Red
1978 Ford Bronco Red

I found this 1978 Ford Bronco for sale on ebay. There was quite a bit of interest in it and it eventually sold for $15,300. It might be a little busy looking for some tastes, but there is no denying it has been well taken care of. In fact, the seller claims that it was a national show winner for a major magazine, although the actually name of the magazine is never mentioned.


Besides the eye catching exterior and interior this Bronco comes with a Ford Racing SVO engine with a low 3,000 miles on it. Their isn’t any other mention of specs other than it’s a 4×4.

1978 Ford Bronco Yellow
1978 Ford Bronco Yellow

Just as eye catching as our previous mention is this 78 Ford Bronco XLT for sale in Dallas, TX. I went to college at Wichita State so I’m partial the the yellow and black paint job. The interior is decked out in yellow and black as well with custom seats and padded ceilings.


This vehicle was made to entertain as well, with a drop down 17″ DVD player for the passengers in the rear seats and a companion screen on the dash for the navigator. I’m hoping the driver is watching the road and not the screen.

The detail in this listing that really grabbed me was that the owner was selling so he could get into a muscle car. I happen to own a 2009 Dodge Challenger so it crossed my mind that I could potentially trade him my car for his and since he is asking ten grand less than my car is worth I could virtually eliminate my payments. But that’s crazy talk.

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