Used Peterbilt Trucks for Sale

Peterbilt has been building premium heavy duty trucks since 1939 when their founder T.A. Peterman needed heavier trucks for his logging business. He set out to build a 100 trucks a year and focused making them high quality. He sent engineers out in the field to find out what truckers truly wanted and needed. The first year of operation they only shipped out 14 trucks but that number increased to 82 trucks in the second year. Due to the focus on the customers needs and quality production Peterbilt was quickly accepted. The company has been going strong ever since and is now one of the most trusted names in the semi truck industry.

We recently dug through Craigslist searching for used Peterbilt trucks for sale. We found a number of listings and have highlighted three currently available vehicles below. How long these will be available is unknown so if you are in the market for a new semi you might have to do your own digging.

Peterbilt 378

Peterbilt 378

I wanted to start with this 378 Peterbilt truck for sale because it’s hauling lumber and that’s exactly the reason T.A. Peterman got into the business. Before he started building trucks of his own he had to convert old army trucks to haul the lumber. This truck is a 2001 with a C-12 CAT with 430 horsepower and comes with 2 twenty foot reliance pull trailers. The owner is asking $40,000.
379 Peterbilt

379 Peterbilt

This old Peterbilt truck for sale in Las Vegas is listed for $8500. It’s a 1987 379 with a 425 Cat engine that has 600,000 miles on it. It appears to be in good shape for a 1987 and would be a good entry level truck for someone on a limited budget or who is just getting into the business. The bonus is that just outside of Vegas there are many “hotels” that have become quite popular among truck drivers, although they rarely stay the night. :)
1999 Peterbilt

1999 Peterbilt

This 1999 379 Peterbilt truck for sale in Jolly, Texas is listed for $23,500. The engine is a Red Top Cummins 500 horsepower engine and the truck has some sweet 8 inch smokestacks. The owner claims it is in good condition but mentioned that the condition could be verified by a local mechanics shop if so desired. I’ve decided that really tall and really straight smokestacks are the best look for a semi. But what they hell do I know?

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  1. PHIL DI FRANCO 1800 465 7358
    May 8, 2012 | 6:37 pm

    1999 PETERBILT $15,000

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