Vintage 1958 Ford Trucks – Farm and Panel Truck

Restoring old cars and trucks is a very wide spread hobby these days. A lot of folks have even turned restoring classic autos into a veritable business endeavor and have had great success in doing so. Vehicles are a lot like good wine; the older they get, the sweeter and more expensive they become. Of course, with any old wine, there is going to be some dust on the bottle and the same goes for classic cars and trucks. However, David Lee Murphy said it best when he sang, “There might be a little dust on the bottle, but don’t let it fool ya about what’s inside.”


I found this old 1958 Ford truck for sale on eBay. This is really a rare find. It is hard enough to find Ford trucks this old, but to find one that is a panel truck is just about like finding the proverbial “needle in a haystack.” That being said, this truck does need a complete restoration, although it does currently run.

It comes with a 351 cubic inch motor coupled with an automatic transmission, and the list of new parts that have already been installed includes front springs, shocks, and radiator.


This second truck is also a 1958 Ford F100, but not with the panel truck body. This is just an old farm truck that has definitely seen some better days. The 302 cubic inch V8 engine runs well and has plenty of oil pressure, but the four speed automatic transmission needs a complete rebuild; it was originally out of a 1989 Ford car and will not shift out of first gear. That being said, this truck does have a few good points. All of the glass is good, with no cracks or chips, the windows roll up and down and the wing vents open and close just like they should.


Falling back on my “fine wine” analogy, there is definitely a lot of “dust” on this old 1958 Ford truck. Of course, this particular “dust” is actually rust, or what we like to call “patina,” which is just a surface oxidation that is usually easily repaired. Although this truck doesn’t run, is does include the factory installed in-line six cylinder engine and manual transmission with a “three on the tree” shifter. This is my favorite out of these three trucks, simply because of the original engine, transmission, and paint.

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